Training & Education

People should never stop learning! That is even more true for good and passionate programmers. Technology changes quickly and the bar gets raised continuously by the competition. Game Development is a never ending stream of unique problems. We learn constantly - from solving those issues on a daily basis, or from our sometimes even more exotic and adventurous side projects or from our non-programming related hobbies. I appreciate it very much, if the employer cares about providing L&D opportunities. Here is a list of past opportunities I was lucky enough to have:

Training, Workshops, Conferences, ...

when what where
2013 - 2015 misc. talks, in-house trainings & game jams at Wooga Berlin / DE
2015 Nucl.AI Vienna / AT
2015 Unite Europe Amsterdam / NL
2014 "C++ 11/14"
Workshop with Nicolai Josuttis
Cologne / DE
2013 "Design Topics on Memory and Concurrency"
Master Class with Mike Acton
at Games Connection Europe
Paris / FR
2008 - 2009 misc. workshops at Hangar & LABoral Barcelona & Gijon / ES
2005 - 2008 misc. in-house trainings at Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz / AT
2005 misc. courses at Game Institute & Gameversity / viCampus (~6M) online
2005 advanced C++ Training at ACC (1M) Vienna / AT


when what where
1999 - 2003 University of Applied Sciences, FH Hagenberg
Institute of Media Technology & Design
graduated as "Dipl.-Ing. (FH)" (> BSc)
diploma thesis: "Dynamic Generation of Real-Time Character Animation"
Hagenberg / AT
1993 - 1998 Higher Technical School for Electrical Engineering Salzburg / AT