Other Projects


Worked on an interactive installation and contemporary dance performance - the one and only, but very successful collaboration with Miss Luis Twisted (AT) and CEE (AT).

technology: C++, ObjC, Processing, Max/MSP,
Cocoa / CoreVideo / CoreGraphics / QTKit,
OpenGL, OpenCV, openFrameworks,
platforms: OSX
hardware: Arduino, LEDs, proximity sensors, Kinect


Interactive installation (think arcade motorcycle), collaboration with area3 (ES).

technology: C++, OpenGL, Ogre3D, Bullet, OpenAL, Processing
platforms: Win32
hardware: Arduino


Interactive installation - scenic natural real-time environment. Collaboration with Mar Canet (ES). Presented at Ars Electronica Festival 2009 / Interface Cultures Campus in Linz (AT).

technology: C++, OpenGL / DirectX, Ogre3D, OpenAL, Blender, Bluetooth
platform: Win32
hardware: Wiimote, LEDs


Interactive installation, collaboration with G. Malagarriga (ES) and B. Bresani (BR/MX)

technology: Flash Lite/AS2/AS3, PHP, MySQL, J2ME
platform: Web, mobile

Residencies, Exhibitions & Performances

when what where
Nov 2011 Blackbox performance Bilbao / ES
Vienna / AT
Jul 2010 Blackbox performance
La Caldera - Grec festival
Barcelona / ES
Jun 2010 Blackbox performance Vic / ES
May 2010 Blackbox performance
La Pedrera - Danca Ara festival
Barcelona / ES
Mar 2010 Blackbox performance (premiere)
Basics Festival
Salzburg / AT
Feb 2010 artistic residency in Nau Coclea Camallera / ES
Jan 2010 artistic residency in La Caldera Barcelona / ES
Nov 2009 Blackbox installation
tanz_house Herbst (ARGE)
Salzburg / AT
Sep 2009 World2020
Ars Electronica Festival / IC Campus
Linz / AT
Jul 2009 ekko
FADE Festival
Girona / ES
May 2009 ekko
Barcelona / AT
Mar 2009 ekko
Eme3 Collapse CCCB
Barcelona / ES
Jan 2009 Mesosfera
Sevilla / ES
Nov 2008 ekko
mobilefest 08
Sao Paolo / BR
Sep 2007 Think
Ars Electronica Festival
Linz / AT
Jun 2007 Think
13th Intl. Conference on Thinking
Norrköping / SE

+ various exhibitions and performances during my time at Ars Electronica Futurelab ...

Awards & Achievements

In 2009 our guinea pig collective got funding / a grant by Podium09 for the project Blackbox. Also ARGEkultur Salzburg gave us production support within the Basics Festival 2010.