Professional XP

High Moon Studios | C++ Programmer

"Partnering with Bungie to support the growing award-winning Destiny universe!"
Currently mainly working on internal tools, workflows and build pipeline - everything that is not directly gameplay related.

WOOGA | Programmer

During my time at Wooga I worked mainly on mobile, casual, free-to-play games. First I joined the team of "Monster World Mobile" and went to soft launch and support / maintenance phase with them. Then there was a quick interlude of investigating potential performance optimizations for low end iOS devices and the Android port for "Jelly Splash" (memory, rendering).

After that I started my journey on "Max Ammo" which continued for the next 2 years (including soft launch and support / maintenance). When I joined the team the game was still at the very early stages. Many important parts of the vision were there, but everything needed to get lifted from prototype stadium to production level quality in every aspect.

After its launch the game got featured by both the iOS and the Android app store in several countries (without any company side push or big marketing budget for it), we got positively mentioned for visuals and accessibility by several review sites (pretty unusual for free-to-play games), and we got quite good user ratings.

Unfortunately the game was not a commercial success, but I am still very proud of the team and what we have achieved together. We were the biggest team in the company and for a lot of my peers it was the first 3D and more mid core, less casual gaming title. And even though Unity did most of the heavy lifting for us, it was the first time for the team (and company) using this engine. Let's say, there were naturally a lot of growing pains and things to learn.

I was also heavily involved in the recruiting of engineers of different experience levels on a company level (screenings, tech crunch).

Max Ammo

technology: Unity, C#, ObjC, C++, Java
platforms: iOS, Android
architectures: ARM (mobile)

Monster World Mobile & Jelly Splash

technology: cocos2d, OpenGL ES 2, ObjC
platforms: iOS
architectures: ARM (mobile)

GAMELOFT | Programmer

In-house engine and tools

Asphalt 8
Built the underlying multiplayer networking library from scratch.

Six Guns
Established a studio-wide iOS-to-Android porting workflow and pipeline for codebase and assets.

Shadow Guardian
Worked on gameplay systems, agent behaviors, animation, UI.

Shark Dash
Worked on gameplay systems, physics, input handling, sprite animation, VFX / shaders.

Fantasy Town
Worked on gameplay systems and UI.

technology: OpenGL ES 1 & 2, GLSL, C/C++, ARM assembly (NEON), Qt, UDP Sockets
platforms: iOS, Android / Linux, Win32
architectures: ARM (mobile), x86


Improved reliability and performance of a custom multitouch tracking framework for interactive table "Mesosfera". Implemented facilities for hardware communication and calibration of the optical equipment.

technology: C++, openFrameworks, OpenGL, OpenCV / IPP
platforms: Win32
architectures: x86, ARM (Arduino)

The Interactive Institute / NVision | Programmer (contract)

Developed rendering engine (accelerated vector graphics), entity and scene management, agent movement behaviors and network programming (client-server exchange, data scraping) for interactive installation "Think". Collaboration with C.-J. Rosén and H. Wrangel

technology: C++, openFrameworks, OpenGL, OpenCV / IPP, Cairo,
Processing, Flash (AS3)
platforms: Win32, OSX, Web
architectures: x86, ARM (Arduino)


Worked on large-scale projects for live events / performances, interactive installations, visualizations, real-time simulations in VR & AR environments, research prototypes, technical evaluations and in-house tools. Some of my work included developing for multiple platforms and hardware interfaces.
Selection of projects:

Large-scale, distributed guidance system for SAP Headquarters in Walldorf / DE
(C++, OpenGL, Linux)

Interactive ePaper prototype for Vodafone Research
(C++, OpenGL, Linux)

Customizable, remote controllable, 3D stereo video capable, all-purpose media player
(C++, DirectShow, Win32)

Interactive City Model
Interactive geographic information system
(C++, OpenGL)

Wikimap Linz
Web-based geographic information system
(Flash, PHP, SQL)

Crayo Editor
3D world editing tool for PC - CAVE exchange
(C++, OpenGL, OpenSG, Open Performer, wxWidgets, Win32)

Second Life navigation via motion sensors.

DIGITAL MANKIND | Junior Programmer

Developed an AI games middleware called „Emotion Engine“ based on academic research (LBI) - a real-time simulation used to visualize avatar emotions via mimics and gestures. Worked on math library, animation and geometry exporters for Maya, rendering, skeletal animation, GUI and custom scripting system.

technology: C++, OpenGL, Maya
platforms: Win32
architectures: x86


Developed several online arcade game clones (Tetris, Breakout) from scratch. Created assets for models and animations. Worked on performance and file size (code and assets) optimization.

technology: Flash 5, 3dsmax
platforms: Web