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I have studied "Media Technology and Design" at the FH Hagenberg (AT) and graduated in 2003. Although design was a great part of my education and keeps on being an area of huge interest and a source of inspiration, my core profession gravitated more and more towards development. Since then I have worked for the Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT), The Interactive Institute (SE), Utani Social Lab (ES) and Gameloft Barcelona (ES) as an Developer. I have also worked on various freelance and even self-funded projects.
I have experience in developing soft real-time interactive simulation software. I have worked on projects in media art (interactive installations, performances, visualizations), in technology research and video game development. I am also a founding member of an artistic collective called the "the guinea pig collective"!
I am from Austria and have been living in Salzburg, Linz, Vienna and Barcelona.
My current gig is working as a Developer at Wooga in Berlin.

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I would like to continue to develop soft real-time interactive simulation software - for challenging commercial entertainment (i.e. video games), artistic or research projects. As a Programmer I like producing simple, stable, safe and tested code that performs well and remains clear and maintainable. I like to solve problems for constrained platforms (i.e. embedded devices, mobile platforms, game consoles). Therefore I prefer working with C/C++, staying "close to the metal" and managing resources on my own. Because game development is such a vast and dynamic field I find almost every aspect of it challenging and interesting. I see myself more of a Generalist but if I could choose I would like to work more on engine and low level systems, graphics / rendering, artificial intelligence or physics.
I prefer following agile development practices in order to produce software that meets the expectations in quality and time. Although technical development is my primary role and core profession, my interests and skills cover many other aspects of creative work (game design, concepts, narrative). So naturally I prefer employers that honor the opinions of their employees and see them as a creative resource and source of inspiration.
Equally important for me is to be part of a cooperative, dynamic and creative team in a casual environment to collaborate with very talented, dedicated and professional people with equal motivations. I prefer rather flat structures with teams having some degree of freedom but also taking and sharing responsibilities, working together in self dependent groups, bringing their ideas to life. I highly value it when employers provide a proper working (equipment, tools, chairs) and learning environment (staff training, mentoring) to create a place where everybody can learn from each other.
Last but not least I like to have a sane work life balance!


my current status: !!!open for a new job!!!
my birth year: 1979
my citizenship: Austrian
my current residence: Berlin (DE)
my resume
my contact: email, skype
for the recruiters: LinkedIn, Xing
for the startup recruiters: GitHub, StackOverflow
for the devs interviewing me: Twitter

professional experience (10y+)

* WOOGA, Sept 2012 - present, Developer (iOS, Android)
Worked on various game play systems and render and memory performance optimizations for casual 2D games "Monster World Mobile" and “Jelly Splash” (cocos2d, Objective-C). Currently working on 3D mid core action title "Max Ammo" (Unity, C#).

games I've contributed to:

* GAMELOFT, Oct 2010 - Jul 2012, Developer (iOS, Android)
Worked on the in house 3D graphics engine, tools for content pipeline (exporters for geometry and animations, editors for levels, AI state machines, particles, materials), gameplay systems (physics, input handling, sprite animation, agent behaviors, scripting) and visual effects (particle systems, shaders) for several games (“Shadow Guardian”, “Shark Dash”, “Fantasy Town”). Established a studio wide iOS to Android porting workflow for codebase and assets (“Six guns”). Built a networking multiplayer library from scratch (“Asphalt 8”).

games I've contributed to:

* BLACKBOX (own funded project, 2009-2010)
an interactive installation and performance, collaboration with Miss Luis Twisted (AT) and CEE (AT)
tasks: concept, application for funding, organization, research, technical direction and development
technology: computer graphics, computer vision, image / sound / video processing, data communication (RS232, UDP, OSC), hardware interfaces and electronics (LEDs, proximity sensors, Arduino)
programming: C++, Objective-C/C++, Cocoa / CoreVideo / CoreGraphics / QTKit, OpenGL, OpenCV, openFrameworks, Arduino / Processing, Max/MSP
[project home]

* RACING CODES (freelance, paused, Barcelona / ES)
interactive installation (think arcade motorcycle), collaboration with area3 (ES)
tasks: technical direction and implementation
technology: graphics / game / sound / network / physics programming, hardware interface (arcade racing setup) and electronics
programming: C++, OpenGL, Ogre 3D Engine, Shaders, bullet Physics, OpenAL, Arduino / Processing

* WORLD2020 (freelance, 2008, Barcelona / ES)
interactive installation, collaboration with Mar Canet (ES) from the Derivart Collective
tasks: technical direction and development
technology: graphics / game / sound / network programming, hardware interface (Wiimote via Bluetooth) and electronics (LEDs, heartbeat sensor)
programming: C++, OpenGL / DirectX, Ogre 3D Engine, Shaders, OpenAL, Blender
presented at Ars Electronica Festival 2009 in Linz (Interface Cultures Student Projects)
[project desription] [early prototype/preview]

* Commercial Multitouch Kiosk Application for Video Playback (freelance, 2009, Barcelona / ES)
proof of concept, collaboration with Ping-Pong Technologies
tasks: technical direction and development (multitouch application)
technology: multitouch technology, image / video processing, network programming
programming: C++, OpenGL, openFrameworks, TUIO/OSC, reacTIVision, Processing / Java

* EKKO (freelance, 2008, Barcelona / ES)
interactive installation, collaboration with B. Bresani (BR/MX) and G. Malagarriga (ES)
tasks: technical direction and implementation
technology: flash and web programming, image processing, development for mobiles
programming: Flash Lite/AS2/AS3, PHP, MySQL, J2ME

* UTANI SOCIAL LAB, Mar 2008 - Oct 2008, Developer
Improved reliability and performance of an existing custom multitouch tracking framework (OF, OpenGL, OpenCV). Worked on hardware communication and calibration (optical equipment, Arduino).
[project info]

* THINK (freelance, 2007, Norrköping / SE)
interactive installation for TII (The Interactive Institute), collaboration with C.-J. Rosén (SE) and H. Wrangel (SE)
tasks: concept, technical implementation
technology: computer graphics, network programming, data scraping
programming: C++, openFrameworks, OpenGL, OpenCV / IPP, Arduino / Processing, Flash (AS3)
[project home]

* ARS ELECTRONICA FUTURELAB, Oct 2005 - Feb 2008, Researcher Creative Engineering
Worked on technically very challenging large scale projects for events, performances, interactive installations, virtual & augmented reality environments, research prototypes and in house tools.

selected projects:
* „Interactive City Model“ - interactive (GIS, OpenGL)
* „Papyrus“ - ePaper prototype for Vodafone Research (OpenGL, Linux) [project description]
* netculturespace - Second Life navigation via Motion Sensor (Phidgets, UDP)
* „source.code“ - Large-scale (distributed) guidance system for SAP Headquarters in Walldorf / DE (Computer Graphics, OpenGL, Linux) [project home] [video] [making-of]
* „Digital Archive“ - Kiosk-System for Media Archive (RFID, PocketPC, Flash, vvvv)
* „Wikimap Linz“ - Web-based Geographic Information System (Flash, PHP, XML, SQL)
* „MediaPlayer“ - customizeable and remote controllable All-Purpose-Mediaplayer (DirectShow)
* „TouchEdit“ - Touch Interface (via RS-232) for Device Control for Screening Room (projectors, lamps, ...)
* „Crayo Editor“ - 3D World Editor for CAVE Environment (OpenGL, wxWidgets)

* DIGITAL MANKIND, Mar 2004 - Jul 2004, Junior Developer
Developed an AI middleware for games called „Emotion Engine“ which was a real-time simulation used to visualize avatar emotions via mimics and gestures. Worked on math library, exporters, rendering, skeletal animation, GUI and scripting system.

* MEDIACLAN, Sept 2003 - Jan 2004, Intern
Developed arcade games (Flash). Worked on performance and file size optimization. Created assets for models and animations.

mentionable student projects: (pre 2003)
* „insanity“ – Game Mod (Half Life Engine, Scripting)
* „Guestlist“ – Interactive Community Platform (Adobe Director, Shockwave3D, Lingo, Multiplayer)
* „MotionMusic“ – Motion Controlled Sound Mixing Game (C++, Win32, OpenCV)
* „Barcode Scanner“ – Computer Vision Project (Java, ImageJ)

education & training

2015 ... Nucl.AI (Vienna / AT)
2015 ... Unite Europe (Amsterdam / NL)
2014 ... "C++ 11/14" workshop with Nicolai Josuttis (Cologne / DE)
2013 ... master class “Design Topics on Memory and Concurrency“ with Mike Acton at Games Connection Europe (Paris / FR)
2013 ... misc. in house trainings and game jams at Wooga (Berlin / DE)
2008 - 2009 ... misc. workshops at Hangar (Barcelona / ES) and LABoral (Gijon / ES)
2005 - 2008 ... misc. in house trainings at Ars Electronica Futurelab (Linz / AT)
2005 ... misc. courses at Game Institute and Gameversity / viCampus (6 months, online)
2005 ... individual advanced C++ Training at ACC Vienna (1 month, Vienna / AT)
1999 - 2003 ... University of Applied Sciences, FH Hagenberg (Hagenberg / AT), Institute of Media Techology and Design, graduated as a Dipl.-Ing. (FH), diploma thesis: „Dynamic Generation of Real-Time Character Animation“
1993 - 1998 ... Higher Technical School for Electrical Engineering (Salzburg / AT)

residencies, exhibitions & performances

November 2011 ... Blackbox performance in Bilbao / ES and Vienna / AT
July 2010 ... Blackbox performance in La Caldera - Grec festival 2010, Barcelona / ES
June 2010 ... Blackbox performance in Vic / ES
May 2010 ... Blackbox performance in La Pedrera - Danca Ara festival, Barcelona / ES
March 2010 ... Blackbox performance (premiere) - Basics Festival, Salzburg / AT
February 2010 ... artistic residency in Nau Coclea, Camallera / ES
January 2010 ... artistic residency in La Caldera, Barcelona / ES
November 2009 ... Blackbox installation - tanz_house Herbst (ARGE), Salzburg / AT
September 2009 ... World2020 - Ars Electronica Festival (Interface Cultures Campus), Linz / AT
July 2009 ... ekko - FADE Festival 2009, Girona / ES
May 2009 ... ekko - Jamm09, Barcelona / ES
March 2009 ... ekko - Eme3 Collapse CCCB, Barcelona / ES
January 2009 ... Mesosfera (Utani Social Lab) - CAAC, Sevilla / ES
November 2008 ... ekko - mobilefest 08, Sao Paolo / BR
September 2007 ... Think - Ars Electronica Festival, Linz / AT
June 2007 ... Think - 13th International Conference on Thinking, Norrköping / SE
+ various exhibitions and performances during my time at Ars Electronica Futurelab ...


In 2009 our guinea pig collective got a funding / grant by Podium09 for their project Blackbox.
Also the ARGEkultur Salzburg gave us a production support via the Basics Festival 2010.


videogames (and time to play them), traveling, surfing, long boarding, (mountain) biking, snowboarding, hiking, cooking, art and design, movies, contemporary literature, music. I am worried while reading the world news and I am huge friend of mother nature. I am fascinated by technology, although it gets harder and harder to keep up with it ...

last update: 27.08.2015