About Me

Hi, I'm Dietmar (everybody calls me Didi tho). You just landed on my webpage. It's 2016, I have moved to the West Coast (US) and I'm currently looking for a job living and working in Southern California!
If you are interested in my profile, you can read a very short, medium or looong description of me. Or you can check out my resume, my LinkedIn profile, skim through my professional experiences or contact me.

Short version

I think my Twitter profile (@dsuoch) basically sums it up, and my feed reflects my main professional interests:

Programmer interested in performance & game development.

Medium version

Straight from my resume:

Generalist programmer with 12y+ work experience in the game industry and related areas.

Worked on core systems at the engine level, tools, asset pipelines and build systems. Experienced in working in the performance space.

Full game production cycle and AAA experience - from technical evaluation and prototyping to shipping, support and maintenance. Guided small teams of people from multiple disciplines. Involved in recruiting specialists of different experience levels.

Fluent both in English and German (native); basic knowledge of Spanish.

  • Languages: C/C++ (advanced), C# (proficient), ObjC (proficient)
  • Platforms: iOS, OSX, Android, Windows, Linux
  • Architectures: ARM, x86, misc. GPUs (mostly mobile)
  • Graphics: OpenGL + ES, catching up on DX11

Long version

I'm very passionate about my craft as a programmer and driven by mastery. I think it's important to be disciplined and practice a lot, but also to be patient with yourself about it. So I'm taking my time to practice and try to learn from others in the industry.
Rinse and repeat, like Mr. Miyagi once said: "Wax on, wax off"!

While my approach and understanding of programming certainly has changed over the years (and will probably continue to do so), my intention remains the same - to write "good code" and care about it! My personal definition of that is an accumulation of learnings derived from past working environments, which in turn were shaped by platforms I worked on, tools I used and problems I had to face. Code quality is an important topic which I definitely would like to discuss with you, but in a nutshell: I like lean & efficient code!

I like to work on soft real-time interactive simulation software, such as video games. Game Development is a vast and exciting field, full of interesting challenges. It is very creative, highly dynamic and offers a never ending stream of unique problems. I try to provide technical solutions to overcome those problems and to help others to realize their ideas.

I can wear multiple hats and have successfully worked in many different areas but what I really love is to work on core systems, on constrained platforms, in scenarios where performance is critical, and in which one has to manage limited resources carefully or efficiently communicate with the underlying hardware. Working relatively close to the metal, my weapons of choice are usually C or C++. Although especially C++ is far from perfect (hard to learn and navigate) it is still an invaluable tool / necessary evil for the job at the moment. So most of the time I try to stick to a saner subset of it, similar to Orthodox C++.

Last but definitely not least - I think it is best for people to hit their sweet spot of challenging tasks and getting enough mentorship from more experienced colleagues on the way. Working environments should provide plenty of opportunities for improvement, room for training, research and trial & error. I want to be part of an aligned and dedicated team of supportive, humble, diverse and creative people. The feedback of some of my last team members said:

professional; experienced; great communication;
committed; very dedicated;
a developer that really cares about the final product;
high expectations and standards;
honest; not afraid to speak up;
has strong opinions and is willing to fight for them but is still open to listen to other ideas

I hope I could give you a quick overview of my programming persona. If I caught your attention and you want to talk shop, drop me a line!

Other interests

These are my other interests besides programming:

  • everything nature / outdoors: hiking, camping
  • hanging out at the pub with my lads enjoying craft beer & hearty food (on my epic quest to find a good authentic Gulasch or Schnitzel)
  • snowboarding (probably less in the future), surfing (more of that now), maybe long boarding (I'm more of a cruiser myself)
  • (mountain) biking & bikes
  • beach volleyball
  • trying to get into rock climbing again
  • video games of course (if I finally get around to playing them)

What else? Welp, maybe one day I'll finally get around learning to play the guitar or writing down some very profound technical articles about my programming adventures (like some of these good people do). Or some long overdue less profound rants. But at the end of the day, I'm not a good enough writer, so maybe my time is better spent on learning more, dabbling in code and tinkering along ...

By the way, if you want to read "my story" and are ready for a trip down memory lame - be my guest!